Clearvu Superfencing Pty Ltd is a Private owned company (Pty) which was established by concerned individuals who saw the need to assist the previously disadvantaged communities in acquiring quality clearvu fencing, materials for fencing and installation of gates as part of security measures for their both homes and businesses in Palm ridge community and its surrounding areas and South Africa as a whole.

Clearvu Superfencing Pty Ltd offers these services to the community of Palm Ridge and those surrounding areas and families that are from previously disadvantaged groups mostly to those with no income and cannot afford to pay for their services to those affluent and known companies that offer similar services.

Research has revealed that most homes and businesses in South Africa as a whole and especially in rural and semi urban areas, the communities have no proper security in terms of strong and reliable fencing that can guarantee the security of their homes and businesses. Poverty and unemployment is rampant in South Africa, the establishment of the company has brought relief to those who are willing to take a challenge in today’s clearvu fencing.

With the growing number of HIV/AIDS related deaths and illness, Clearvu Superfencing Pty Ltd has plans in pipeline to invest back to the community. It will operate an orphanage for those kids that are affected and infected by this pandemic. The entire company has been financed voluntarily by its founders without any donation or tenders and contracts from the Government or Non governmental organizations.

An application is therefore being made in terms of finance and or loans for the company to meet the ever-increasing financial demands.



The company aims at becoming one of the major empowerment players in training and developing the needy within our community.

In the next five years the company aims at securing 60% share of community population in South Africa by targeting the homes and businesses that have no proper income to hire the most expensive motor vehicle mechanics their repairs and servicing. In near future, the company intends to open its doors to infants affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. It will offer a free orphanage.



The company statement is: To become one of the dominant players in clearvu fencing, gates installation and development in the whole South Africa within the next five years by:
● Targeting Government support, tenders, contracts and grants.
● Creating real empowerment opportunities for previously disadvantaged individuals.
● Strengthening the organization’s concept by maintaining its good governance principles.
● Rendering the best motor vehicle mechanical services backed by excellent skills to the communities.



Pursuant to the mission statement the success of the company will be based on the following beliefs:

a. empowerment of the workers that assist in the endeavor
b. Maintaining best motor vehicle mechanical services, training and development
c. Honesty in terms of members’ commitment to the concept.

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